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Ye Olde Maille-Bagge

Some few things that have gone by the wayside of late:

  • Minimalist fumetti experiment tiny ghosts recently passed the three year mark. Fleen congratulates “the author”.
  • Hell and damnation-themed Little Terrors! recently returned from hiatus. Fleen congratulates creator Jon Scrivens.
  • New homicidal bears-themed webcomic Bear Nuts is looking to traumatize your childhood memory of Care Bears (although perhaps not as badly as others have done). Word is that creator Alison Acton is looking to do some promotions, so budding business of webcomics types are encouraged to hit the comments and conduct an impromptu group discussion on advertising strategies and swap success stories.
  • In Australia, it’s already tomorrow, which is how Twisted Musings has hit the three year/200 strips mark when it’s still clearly Tuesday. Fleen congratulates creator Jason Frazer, and continues to bitch about freakin’ time zones.
  • Finally, listening to the latest Webcomics Weekly on the iPod during the commute this morning and heard the beginnings of what could be a fascinating discussion. Kris, Brad, and Dave (answering a letter in their mailbag) talked about the importance of not giving away your work “for the exposure”. That was good, here’s the potentially brilliant part — the lads decided that what they need to do is have the Econ 101 talk on how to price your work. It’s not a topic I’ve seen out in the public sphere before, and hopefully they’ll have that for us next week.

Wow — a Pynchon reference here and Zappa in Achewood. On top of that, my new desk got here today — you know what kind of wood it is?

Isn’t giving away your work for free exposure the entire economic model of webcomics?

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