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Ignatz Again? Krazy!

This year’s nominations have been announced, and in the Online Comic category, we find the following:

My question: what could top the famed gorilla suit? The awards will be given at this year’s SPX, October 4th, in Bethesda, Maryland.

  • Speaking of Achewood, the previously-referenced NPR interview has been positively identified as occurring on their flagship program, Morning Edition, tomorrow. Find a station to listen on here, or listen to the streaming audio after about 10am EDT (GMT-4).
  • Estradarama updates continue in yesterday’s post; Ryan himself has taken off for a well-deserved break for a few days, but has left an auto-updating runthrough of all the guest pieces on his site. The fun starts here and continues with a new strip every hour for the next almost three days. Having upped his efforts from last year, I suspect that next year will be the Estradaramest.
  • Rick Marshall Will ‘n’ Holly interviews Jennie Breeden, she of the leaf blower and panties; one of these days, I’m gonna have to just cut out the middleman and get the Rickster to just run these interviews here. This is how it’s done, folks.
  • Jeff Zugale made an odd discovery lately — doubling up his strip production at Just A Bit Off so he could have a buffer against a vacation, he found that doing two strips a week was no more difficult than one. So why stop when he got back? JABO will now run on Mondays in addition to Thursdays, and who knows? If he gets to three days a week, maybe he’ll find a gift from Ryan Estrada in his email next September.
  • I was going to tell you about Danielle Corsetto‘s print sale to raise money for a new printer, but she’s already sold out of the special packages ($20 = 5 prints of your choice!). What this means, of course, is that now she’ll be able to offer more prints, so start looking through her back catalog and figure out what you just can live without for the upcoming Holiday giving season.

Weird. I also started doing two pages at a time and can confirm that it doesn’t take much more time than a single. Makes you feel amazingly productive.

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