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Happy Estradarama 2008

And what do I find in my Inbox? Our very first guest strip, featuring our Masthead Guy. That’s right, it’s time for another Estradarama, which today features the following comics as of press time, in no particular order:

Please note that some of those may shift from their present linked addresses in the future. If last year was anything to go on, those 31 39 43 46 52 60 62 65 strips (plus two blogs, plus the empty strip, plus the comic book) are a bare fraction of what will make itself known by end of business today. But then there’s the mysterious 1/100 in the signature of all the strips. Could Estrada be attempting 100 guest strips in a single day?

And if you recall Estradarama 2007, you’ll remember that Ryan Estrada used the occasion to also launch the Cartoon Commune. This year, he announces the availability of a full comic book, written with John Baird of the Create a Comic Project, Create a Comic Project Presents: Climate Change. The 34 page book is available now through Lulu for the low, low price of $6.00 (or $0.50 for a download). Oh, and he drew a strip for the CCP, too.

Okay, you know the drill — let me know what I missed in the comments, I’ll add ’em to the bullets above in groups of five, and we’ll do it all again next year. We all know I’ve missed a zillion strips, but I can’t spend all day hunting them down.

In completely unrelated news: non-Estrada shake-it-up strip at Octopie, and a good, old-fashioned bidding war for an original strip. Neat.

Updated to add: As several people have pointed out, Ryan Estrada has called the total at 70, but discovered he only had 69, so he did an extra strip of Aki Alliance to bring it up to 70, then VG Cats ran its strip from last year, so we’re going to call it 70 + a comic book as the official total. Which means that as of this writing, we’re still about 17 sightings short — get cracking, people!

Ryan did a guest-strip for PC Weenies.

Doh, just saw your link Gary. Must be my extreme sternum-splitting pain causing hallucinations again. BTW, are you on Twitter?

Crap, ignore that. I just saw the link.

Oh dear god, I hope we don’t end up doing this again next year.
I aimed for 100, but only finished 70.

By the by, I didn’t even know that Climate Change book was coming out today!

He did one for Angry Bee With A Gun, too.

Ryan E did a comic for me over at

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I found these on my sites this morning…I don’t know how he does it:


I knew someday I’d be able to say,
“Hey! I went to high school with that guy! And he knew my name and everything!”


On his livejournal, Estrada said that he did 70 strips and that 1/100 was a product of overambition.

He hit Joe and Monkey as well:

I was holding back announcing the CCP Climate Change comic just for this day. I think this gives me the honor of being the first to commercialize Estrada Day. (Ironic when you remember that money made from every book sold goes to supporting the non-profit groups that work with the project by buying things like pencils and paper for the kids.)

Soon, Estrada’s place in the holiday will be usurped by Halig Tyrrell, who travels the world giving comics to children, carrying the gifts in his ponderously infinite mustache. This will cause people to be divided over the the “true spirit” of the holiday, while grumbling about how early all the Estrada Day ads and decorations keep popping up.

He also did one:

For Count Your Sheep.


Did a guest comic for Cyanide and Happiness

[…] My favorite webcomics news site is Fleen – Gary and his crew always serve up some entertaining news and views on the very pulse of the medium. Ryan Estrada, who provided today’s PCW strip, has also drawn 69 other webcomics – all published today. For the ever-growing list, consult this Fleen post. […]

He has one for VG Cats too.

The VG cats one was actually for LAST year! It seems it got lost in Scott’s inbox, never posted, and he just found it yesterday, thinking it was for today! Bonus!

Ryan says it’s seventy on his Frank page:

todd and penguin and taking up space

This is the greatest holiday ever.

Ninja Bunny anyone??

And Anders Loves Maria!

There’s also one up at Horribleville:

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[…] Estradarama updates continue in yesterday’s post; Ryan himself has taken off for a well-deserved break for a few days, but has left an auto-updating runthrough of all the guest pieces on his site. The fun starts here and continues with a new strip every hour for the next almost three days. Having upped his efforts from last year, I suspect that next year will be the Estradaramest. […]

Left Handed Toons:

Sir Reginald ran here

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