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Answer: A Lot

Question: How much do you have to suck to steal from somebody while they’re moving? If you’ve been thinking about ordering anything from Ursula Vernon, now might be a good time.

Listen, I don’t want to make a bad situation worse, but I can think of a thousand reasons Ursula Vernon wouldn’t want you to associate her name with that robbery link. Also, it’s so surreal I’m having trouble believing that happened to a real person… even the way it’s described. Sometimes Fleen is too “comics person” blind. I’m so far from wanting to support her after reading that, it’s hilarious.

Andre: All English words, yet I can’t make their meaning resolve when put in that order. What the heck are you talking about?

Click the link… and if you already have and you don’t get it, well, I guess it’s just me. I mean the internet is all about sharing weird personal details about your life with the entire world, right? Also, I understand being robbed of anything is a pretty harrowing experience, but… I guess the way it was described didn’t elicit much sympathy.

What? The way what was described? It’s not clear what you’re objecting to. The implication seems to be that Ursula is somehow remiss for either a) having been the victim of a slightly bizarre robbery, or b) daring to tell people about it. As if she had the right to actually talk about her own life, like some kind of person or something!

Anyway, I don’t think anyone here gives two square craps about whether your peculiar personal hangups stop you helping someone in need. Personally, I’ve been meaning to order the Digger books for a while, so thanks G, this might be the impetus I need.

I’m sorry you have a problem with people talking about their sex toys, but that actually wasn’t what really had me confused. This was: how in the world could it follow that Ursula Vernon wouldn’t want her name associated with that link when that link leads to an unlocked journal entry? In her journal? Which is named after her?

It just increases the chance that that entry will come up in searches for “Ursula Vernon”. I guess it’s a moot point, because everyone believes it is, but that just doesn’t seem like an entry you want associated with your name. Google isn’t just used for comics, you know. The fact that the entry is unlocked is the first rise on that roller coaster of poor judgement.

Andre, people define their limits on personal privacy differently. What you think makes for appropriate public information might be extremely different from what another person thinks is appropriate. Are you seriously going to consider that she (1) didn’t think it through before she posted it; and (2) that she’s a bad person that doesn’t need help after a bad thing happened to her – simply because you and Ursula set your limits on privacy differently?

No, that wasn’t why I wouldn’t want to help her– though, I mean. You should never underestimate google. Like it or not, people you’d never dream of sharing those details with are going to find you with it. But if she’s cool with that, more power to her, I guess.

Actually, let’s not get into why I wouldn’t want to help her as a result of that post. It’s for a different reason that would be hard to justify. It’s more knee-jerk, and has nothing to do with the situation discussed. I shouldn’t have said anything to begin with, though it did seem very surreal.

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