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Sound And Motion, Without The Recumbent Tai-Chi

“Hob” wraps, and Latin heartthrob Aaron Diaz raps about the storyline, and Dresden Codak in general with CBR.

  • I could leave this running all day long (but my students are already starting to look at me funny). I wonder how this little treat will show up in Octopus Pie book 3?
  • Hey, remember The Great Halfpixel Intern Fight of Aught-Eight? Former Straub-tern Magnolia Porter has launched a new webcomic (with a month’s worth of strips on launch day!). Please to meet the ladies of Bobwhite University.
  • Open secret: you can own Devil’s Panties original strips. But the cash reserve requirements of self-publishing are pushing Jennie Breeden to be a bit more prominent about it. See the blogpost here for more information, and make sure your Etsy/eBay accounts are in good working order.
  • Krishna Sadasivam wrote to remind me of the latest Sequential Artists’ Pub Night too late for me to run the notice on Friday, but you can catch the recording here. To make up for my tardiness, I’ll point out that the next episode is due to start on Friday, 19 September, 10:00pm EDT. Grab some booze and start thinking of what you want to talk about.
  • Those of you looking for Bellen! to be part of your regular existence (and you know you should be), be aware that Box Brown has changed his website address to Update your bookmarks accordingly.

Aw, that was misleading. I thought Aaron Diaz would actually be rapping about Hob.

My name is Aaron and I’m here to say
Pedantic cartooning is the only way.

Yo, it’s a shame that comics about the Singularity,
on the Interwebs is such a thing of rarity.

Well, there is this three panel soul, which pretty much encapsulates my reaction to a lot of the Singularity talk… and this is coming from a scifi nerd, scientist, and Vernor Vinge fanatic

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