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In A World That Has Nothing To Do With Webcomics

I’m still a little bummed out to learn that Don LaFontaine died yesterday.

  • Schlock Mercenary: The Teraport Wars goes up for pre-order today. Remember: everybody that orders a sketched-in edition will directly contribute to Howard Tayler’s crippling hand and wrist pain, so let’s try to find a happy medium that balances Tayler’s health against his financial interests.
  • Speaking of books, the mailman just now delivered my copy of Pugs: God’s Little Weirdos, which I will have to enjoy later because the postal service has bound up the package in so much of their industrial-strength tape that I’m presently unable to open the damn thing.
  • So it’s reptiles now, Mr Malki !? Verrrrry interesting. Or perverse. One of those two.
  • New website for You’ll Have That, as creator Wes Molebash has left publisher Viper Comics. Other projects for the coming year include an amped-up con schedule, a new YHT collection, and a graphic novel. Everybody congratulate Wes!
  • In today’s Good Start deparment: Jovian Luck; it’s starting slow, but there’s a definite feel that creator Kyle Sanders has the full story mapped out. This is sci-fi in the Serenity mode, where space is just another place for hard-luck types to try and get by (although what it really reminds me of is an old BBC show called Star Cops, which you have never seen but was quite good).
  • Finally, I have neglected the most recent Top Shelf 2.0 offerings, so let me fix that by pointing you towards contributions by Joe Decie (autobio and fiction with “a whole heap of ink wash”) and Kagan MacLeod (a bonus chapter to the self-published Infinite Kung Fu comic book).

I’m sad to see Don go, too. His story is inspiring. He wrote the copy for trailers, and one day the talent didn’t show up, so he stepped up to the mic and delivered.

In a world where Don isn’t voicing trailers…people are sad. I am, anyway.

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