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Hooray For Organized Labor! Woo!

Labor Day is when the presidential campaign traditionally kicks into high gear, and that’s what we find in webcomics today. Check out Shortpacked!, Diesel Sweeties, Sinfest, Overcompensating,
and especially Ugly Hill for a lesson in what American politics is really like. Also possibly Starslip, but who the hell know when it comes to Zillion.

  • Speaking of politics (although not webcomics per se), how can I fail to point you towards Matt Boyd‘s interview with James “Rusty Venture” Urbaniek when he (Boyd) teases it with:

    This is the first time in the history of the Internet that someone has typed the sentence “It seemed like a good idea at the time, but before I knew it, a pedophile was getting my replacement offspring shot full of holes/I’d chosen a relatively untried governor from Alaska as a running mate.”

  • Thirty one days. Thirty one comics. The Guest Strip Project finishes up the August donationaramathon with a beauty from curator extraordinaire Jen Babcock. If there’s ever a commissioner of webcomics that’s got to wrangle all of the creators, I nominate Mike Rouse-Deane.
  • And finally, we note with some relief that Gunnerkrigg Court is back up and running. Near as I can tell, getting shut down by your host for using too much bandwidth/CPU/whatever is pretty much a badge of honor. Fleen welcomes Tom Siddell to the premier league.
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