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Dammit Scott, Stop Doing Things On Holidays When I’m Trying To Get Drunk Not Paying Attention

Scott McCloud has produced a comic-book introduction to Google’s new open-source browser and you. Apparently some special people in Europe have received these in printed form, but we can make do with the Creative Commonsed online version. Beware: the hosting site seems to be getting hammered pretty hard, leading to somewhat spastic page loading (I still haven’t gotten through all 40-odd pages), and it contains words and phrases like Object Heap, Cryptographic Hash, Class Transitions, and Execution Stack. Civilians, you have been warned.

Anyway, it’s called Google Chrome, the website will apparently be live on Wednesday, and it’s all pretty readable if you’re a nerd. McCloud’s done his usual bang-up job making BIG COMPLICATED IDEAS into small, digestible chunks. In a couple days, I imagine we’ll see if Chrome has built-in webcomics hooks, but the different-processes-for-different-tabs thing sounds promising, as do the Opera Speed Dial-like Tab Page and the completely secretive porn mode (that’s not the official name, but let’s be honest) for when you don’t want anybody to know you were reading Wizard (and one could hardly blame you).

In the meantime, pray that somebody mirrors this thing, because when America gets back to work/school tomorrow, there ain’t gonna be no reading it.

Or you can read the remixed version that Portfolio magazine has posted, putting their words in McCloud’s speech balloons…

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