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Link Love

Love, I tell you!

Back to college season is in full swing in the States, which is when a webcomicker’s thoughts turn to new (and returning readers). Along those lines, a mess of webcomickers appear to be linking the snot out of stuff today — pretty much you can pick a a comic over there to the right, and then follow the trails of recommendations.

Some names keep recurring, like Gastro~Phobia, but I found the most interesting (ie: never would have found them on my own) links over at Indigo Kelleigh’s Ellie Connelly. And the link from Rich Stevens to Kinokofry is the most dangerous — one click and I realized I can’t go there until I have three hours with no other demands on my time. College kids, your homework for this weekend is to grab a link, start exploring, then get good and lost. Allow me to help get you started: One Swoop Fell.

Updated to add: Looks like Gunnerkrigg Court took a few too many high-value links; since the main site is presently down, look to the mirror at Modern Tales for your fix.

  • PAX kicks off today, and have you seen the pictures of the cake done by Scott Kurtz‘s brother, Brian? What is it with the Dallas/Ft Worth area and insane-talented cakers? I have a colleague who does stuff like this in her spare time and she lives in Dallas. Also, I am very scared to ask this, but I have to: what does Gabe taste like?
  • Friend o’ Fleen Rick Marshall has landed at Viacom, where he’ll be an editor for their MTV Splash Page (comics, movies, and that side of the pop culture coin). Okay, cool, he’ll be eating, but there’s better news — he’ll be continuing his series of webcomicker interviews, this time on the pages of his personal blog, so nobody can ever take them away from us again. Everybody feel good for Rick!
  • Mr T in the pages of The Beat on waiting for WOWIO to cough up monies owed. For the record, have any WOWIO creators gotten paid for Q2 yet? I ask because we’re 2/3 of the way through Q3 and I haven’t heard of anybody getting paid since Platinum took over the checkbook.

Gary! You’re safe from Jeph.

Pintsize is promising pictures of *HOT* EMTs.

An initiative by “a mess” of webcomickers to open tired link rolls to deserving talent would certainly be an interesting story. It’s too bad you didn’t provide the supporting facts.

I dug around until I felt like a sap and didn’t find one modified link list. Kindly point them out.

It’s not a link list, but it is a great new comic. Go check out .

It isn’t a link list, but it’s a great new comic. Check out as Gary suggests.

It isn’t a link roll, but it is a great new comic. Check out as Gary suggests.

Thank you for emailing me six of the participants. I see the issue — the fresh links are all on the comics’ blogs. This leaves me more perplexed, and wishing you had given it deeper coverage. There is a lot to be said on the issue of established comics using their power for good instead of maintaining defensive logrolling link lists. It could’ve been a good story, and I hope you’ll take it up again.

Ben, not to come off as being on the offense, but it has to be said that the bigger webcomics aren’t obligated to use their “powers” for any purpose whatsoever. Their job is to provide established content, not to promote someone else’s work. I think the coverage was adequate in this sense.

Hi Gary, I’m a little late getting here, but still wanted to say thanks for recommending my comic to your readers. I’m new to the scene so it takes me a while to catch on to these things. ;)

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