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See What Buffers Will Do For You?

Just as easily could have been this.

If my math is correct, today Howard Tayler becomes the fourth (somebody check me on that updated to add: the recently concluded Funny Farm ran for 3594 strips) confirmed webcomicker to hit 3000 strips (although Tatsuya Ishida is closing fast). If I’m still correct, he’s the second (maybe? Anybody know if JD Frazer ever punted a day?) to do it without ever missing an update or running a guest strip, completing 365.24 days a year of pure, continuous cartoonery (sorry, Chris Crosby — that blizzard clearly was out to deny you your place in history). He’s done it with a continuous up-trending in the complexity and audaciousness of his plots (including killing and bringing back a major character without it feeling like a cheat), and his art‘s improved by leaps and bounds.

My estimate is that in those three thousand days, when sick, injured, or playing hooky to play dad, his buffer hasn’t fallen below 19 days. He cannot be killed by conventional means (of this we have empirical proof), and apart from the fact that he won’t let me buy him a beer, I can find no reason why I’m not proud to have him as my evil twin. Well done. Now get back to work on the strip for October 3rd.

  • Speaking of round numbers, Lucas Teodoro da Silva’s 8 1/2 by Eleven hitting four years and 700 strips tomorrow.
  • Not exactly webcomics, but friend of our medium Josh Fruhlinger (the Comics Curmudgeon) has shown what acting snarky will get you — an opportunity to record a snark-track with MST3K alumni. Nicely done, Josh!
  • Everybody been following the comickry that Dark Horse puts up on MySpace every month? September’s installment will feature works by Chris Onstad and Liz Greenfield. Look for them to go live on Wednesday.
  • Hey! Toys! One-offs that nobody else will ever own! From what I’ve seen at cons, that’s a major draw for the vinyl toy crowd, and it shouldn’t prove to be any different if the artist works in wood. Get in on the ground floor now.
  • Heh. LibrArian swag. Awesome.

I’m pretty sure I’m over 3000 but my update schedule is cruddy .

Yeah, I’ve found that knowing I’m doing exactly one per day makes counting easy. I just use a day-and-date calculator.

Jeff brings up an interesting point — When I Grow Up, Wigu, Magical Adventures in Space, TV Network Channel, and Wigu Adventures are all different in name, but have a single reality. Should they count as one strip? Opinions?


Screw you Chris Crosby!


Make two separate categories of recognition. Note when a Webcartoonist manages 3,000 total strips on the web, regardless what comic strips they’re for, and also note when a specific comic strip hits 3,000 updates. That way, you cover Jeff Rowland, who does tons o’the comics of many stripes, and (say) T Campbell’s Fans, even though several different artists have contributed to it over time.

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