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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

So there really is a post today; look for Great Outdoor Fight rhapsodizing tomorrow. Also, WordPress updates have left us without images at the top of new posts (and may I say, the alt-text for those graphics has been disappearing at random for the last few versions? Yes, I think I may) — working on it, etc. Real shame, actually, I had a good one lined up.

  • Hey, anybody listened to the latest Webcomics Weekly? Postal services vendor Endicia is sponsoring the podcast (it looks like for four weeks), and they’re offering up a special deal for webcomickers. Head over to for a deal on postage services & supplies that’s better than (near as I can tell) any current Endicia user got when first signing up. It almost makes me want to run out and get a bunch of stuff that needs mailing.

    On a more serious note, this is an interesting instance of targeted sponsorship, and I’m not sure we’ve quite seen its like previously. Anybody got any examples of similar partnerships between webcomics undertakings and the vendors that want to sell to them?

  • First eyes, then color, now names? Approaching 500 strips, A Girl And Her Fed [Named Pat] continues to evolve. Oh god, please don’t let the threats go from eyes to … I dunno, all-beef patties.
  • Kiltmania is set to erupt at Dragon*Con this weekend, courtesy of menace to all that is holy Jennie Breeden. Be-kilted guys, be sure to sign her release if you want to end up immortalized like the 54 gentlemen in the new kilts & leaf blower playing card deck. Now I know it’s short notice, and will require the coordination of at least two webcomickers, a t-shirt printer, and an express delivery service, but please, please, please have at least one of those kilt guys be wearing this t-shirt.
  • Funny. For now.
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