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It appears that my concerns have been addressed satisfactorily, which sets a slightly dangerous precedent (I must resolve to use my powers only for good, and never for awesome). Confused? Check out the official portrait: Carly’s gonna punch you in the face with her happiness! Everybody feel good for Chris and Carly!

  • In fact, it was only the news this morning of Chris & Carly’s engagement that displaced that which — on any other day — would be the most exciting webcomics news of the day. Two words for you, Sparky:



    Pre-order by the first of September for bonus savings, and to get it signed by creator Justin Pierce!

  • Uh-oh! Wacky hijinks brewing at Waspsi Square. This is pretty much how every bedroom farce ever kicks into high gear, with the running, and the doors slamming, and the hitting, and the funny for the audience as people struggle to explain themselves. But in a bedroom farce, there aren’t usually super-powered entities doing the running, slamming, and hitting. This could be either very funny or very, very tragic.
  • Anarchist librarian wear coming soon. Get one for the book-slinger in your life.
  • Interview with Danielle Corsetto, including a rundown on the GWS drinks contest. I’ve only met Ms Corsetto when she was sober (at least, I think she was), so it’s hard to imagine how much goofier and funnier she could be when “in her cups”, as the cool kids say. Since it’s hard to imagine, I’m publicly calling for video proof. Somebody go get on that.

What’s your take on including the alt-text with the comics in the book? Personally I think it detracts from the experience. Maybe I’m just weird, but it seems like the stuff you type in as an afterthought shouldn’t get equal footing with the actual comics. It’s confusing to me to see webcomic creators actually want to do this.

Andre here’s a sample page with some alt-text! I agree it can be pretty distracting if you go crazy so I tried to make it as understated as possible while still remaining legible on print.

I think I would have gotten complaints if I left them out!

Yeah, that’s a very good way of doing it. Of course I wasn’t talking about Wonderella specifically, just the phenomenon generally– but yeah, that’s probably the best way I’ve seen it done.

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