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Who Knew?

Apparently, purveyors of drive-by malware (served up to a porn-lovin’ public) are into webcomics.

At least, it’s the case that one such set of lowlifes is piggy-backing on Paul Southworth‘s strip-within-a-strip, SasqWatch 2813: A Trunk Deadfall Adventure. See, if you punch the phrase “trunk deadfall” into Google thusly, you find said lowlifes sitting at position #3 for matches on that somewhat statistically unlikely phrase. Actually, if you up the search to “a trunk deadfall adventure”, the #1 match pops up warnings in Opera pertaining to the infectious waste spewing from that dark corner of the internet, so for God’s sake don’t click it.

Now since Southworth is trying to do something family-friendly (and may want to do more with Trunk in the future), I say it’s time to take direct action here. While Google’s algorithms remain a closely guarded secret, it’s generally known that links are key. So if you’ve been enjoying A Trunk Deadfall Adventure, and you have a website, you can help. Some links to the start of the SasqWatch 2813 storyline under those names ought to push the creepy porn malware guys into the hinterlands of Google matches. Do it for the children.

  • In non-cryptid-porn matters, Ursula Vernon‘s got an art reception tomorrow at the Jordan Hall Arts Center in Cary, NC. Come by from 6 to 8pm local time, as I’m told there will be cheese. Yum.
  • SPX! Who’s going this year? Third year in the new venue, and while it’s a bit away from the downtown eating-and-drinking scene, the hotel and meeting space are much better than they were.
  • Dammit, pre-orders are supposed to be helpful: reports are now out indicating that The Great Outdoor Fight is showing up in some comic shops on the east coast already, and Amazon’s telling me now I won’t get it until next week? Okay, it was apparently moved up from September release but still — the wait is killing me. Even Onstad’s ongoing sandwich duel in the pages of The New Yorker (well, the web pages, at least) is barely enough to placate me. Six more days, six more days, six more days….

Even Onstad’s ongoing sandwich duel in the pages of The New Yorker (well, the web pages, at least) is barely enough to placate me.

*spitting limeade onto keyboard*

Curse Onstad for not showing his current plugs on the page you hit when following the link from his RSS feed. I never would have known about the Sandwich Duel.

I may just have to head over to the local shop tonight, see if’n they have a copy of GOF…

SPX – I seriously can’t wait. We’ll be there. :D

Re: GOF. OMG! I’m such a ridiculous fan girl but right after reading this post I called my local comic bookstore and Joy! they have it in stock.

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