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Crappy con experiences, courtesy of Brooke Spangler, covering a panel-presenting Jennie Breeden‘s table and dealing with a Lady Weirdo:

LW: What are these?
ME: Uh … playing cards.
LW: I know that.
ME: Okay.
LW: Do you have any other cards?
Now, here’s where I made a mistake. Jennie did have another, different deck of cards; she had done two printings and the cards on the table were from the second printing. So when Lady Weirdo asked about another set of cards, I made the assumption that she was a fan of the Devil’s Panties and was looking for the original, hard-to-find set.
ME: I’m not sure where she’s keeping the other deck of cards. I don’t know if she brought any with her today.
LW (holds up two sets of cards): You have two sets here.
ME: Actually, ma’am, those are the same set.
LW: The pictures are different.
ME: No, you’re just looking at the front and the back of the same deck. See?
I take the two sets from her and show her that the pictures are the same when they are turned the right way.
ME: It’s the same set of cards, just that the two sides are different. Like the cover of a book.
LW: I read books!
ME: Okay.

Read the full encounter over at the link; it will provide a definitive refutation of both The Customer Is Always Right and There’s No Reason Gary Needs To Slap People In Public.

  • In happier news, but one that proves no less brain-boggling than the story above, [web]comics power couple Bryan Lee O’Malley & Hope Larson have put up a short story that kicks twelve kinds of ass. Please to be enjoying Bear Creek Apartments; you think you know where it’s going, but you don’t know squat. In retrospect, it was all foreshadowed, and the revelation is delicious.
  • I keep forgetting to link to David McGuire’s new strip, GastroPhobia, so I’m grateful that Meredith Gran linked it today and got my brain in gear. It’s even funner than the late, lamented Webcomics Are Awesome (also awesome: that 404 page), giving us a terrifically twisted look at Ancient Greece and all that inhabited her (my most anticipated character-yet-to-be-seen: Bambikles).
  • Finally, EB-White (I imagine that somewhere in New England, a bearded man just smiled and cackled happily to himself) has returned to webcomics blogging with furious vengeance. Welcome home, Mr Snark.
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