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See, The Librarians Are Gang Members, And Sondheim Does The Lyrics

Now why did the lads at Unshelved never think of a “Libr[Anarchy symbol]rian” hoodie? Or this little paean to Mr Dewey? Looks like other webcartoonists are movin’ on your turf, Gene and Bill, and that can only mean one thing: DANCE FIGHT!

  • New interview with Silly Daddy creator Joe Chiappetta. All the indy-comic creators seem to migrating to original-webcomics, don’t they?
  • New graphic novel from The Road to God Knows … creator Von Allen: Lil’ Kids features the main characters from TRTGK… as (wait for it) young ‘uns, and is also available as a free PDF for those of you that are a) cheap, or b) impatient.
  • From Phillip Chan of Matriculated:

    Joe Dunn and I entered Platinum Studios’ Comic Book Challenge and now we’re in the top 10. We need votes to move on to the next round.

    We’d be greatful if you could help us spread the word and get some votes!

    Word spread, but given the way that Platinum‘s had money … let’s call them issues … I can’t help but think that you’re probably better off not winning. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, etc., etc., but it’s often a pretty good trendline. Do your due diligence, guys.

  • Finally, I just read the end of Freakangels Book 1 (I like to let three-four weeks build up and read ’em all at once) and had a holy crap moment — because this decidedly non-London boy actually recognizes the geography on this page. Sure, I knew that the story was taking place in the vicinity of the Whitechapel Market (some good pubs ’round there), but this was a bit more specific. Thanks to the remains of The Gherkin (center stage) and The Tower, I’ve got my angles are worked out, and I’m pretty sure that the building that Alice is standing on is one that my employer has offices in. Webcomics: is there anything they (or Internet Jesus) can’t do?

As a librarian, I am loving all the webcomics love recently. And it’s so great that webcartoonists are starting to attend library conventions. Definitely a great way to build readership and I got to meet Brad Guigar!

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