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Hail The Conquering Hero

Reports now indicate that Steven Cloud is not dead, repeat, not dead, although circumstances dictated that Team Best Intentions Tea & Travel abandon their beloved Nissa Micra 150 miles into Mongolia, so close to Ulan Bator they could practically smell it. Okay, so close in this case means covering the remaining distance took two days in a bus with progressively more people crammed in it (possibly the proverbial Mike-Charlie-Foxtrot). Nevertheless, they made it bodily intact to the finish line to whoop it up with other teams, despite both skilled and unskilled police/border guards trying to take them for all they were worth, and some being compelled to grow some truly terrifying beards.

Our latest communiqués place Cloudy well on his way home …

I’m chilling in Seoul at the airport. Free internet stations. That’s class.

… thus making it unlikely that we at Fleen will need to run the epitaph that was pre-arranged in the unfortunate circumstances of Mr Cloud’s passing:

Steven Cloud, killed by Gypsies, in accordance with prophecy.


With the regular (and deserved) coverage of Kate Beaton, why no mention of the fact that she is looking for someone to help redesign her main site ( Am I the only one thinking that Tyler Martin should step forth and design her a site with all the ComicPressy goodness her work deserves?

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