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Glad I Posted Late

‘Cause I just got this:

Nickelodeon Magazine has announced its first-ever “Best Kids’ Graphic Novel” Awards, taking place in spring 2009. The Awards will honor the best comic books and animated novels for kids published across the U.S. The submission process is open through Sept. 30, 2008, and voting will take place in December.

All graphic novel submissions must be submitted before Sept. 30, 2008. A list of books for kids to vote on, pre-selected by the Nickelodeon Magazine editorial staff, will be available in the December issue and online. The results will be announced in print and online in spring 2009 in conjunction with the release of Nickelodeon Magazine’s popular annual cartoon-themed issue.

Publishers interested in submitting graphic novels should send two copies of each title no later than Sept. 30, 2008. Submissions should be mailed to:

Chris Duffy or Dave Roman
Graphic Novel Award
Nickelodeon Magazine
1515 Broadway 37th Floor
New York, NY 10036.

Hear that, creators? Got something that’s appropriate for the 7 to 13 crowd? Send it in and get yerself a little publicity. You probably won’t win unless you kill Kean Soo. Please note that this is not a suggestion that you kill Kean to improve your chances, ’cause he’ll just get the sympathy vote.

In other, briefer news:

  • Another process video, this one by Josh Lesnick.
  • Chris Baldwin‘s it was supposed to last for one month diary strip (which featured both me and my dog) wrapped today — view the whole thing under the title May 2008 at his special projects site, Water Street.
  • We haven’t gotten one of those hope-it-saves-the-chain concept stores out of Borders in New Jersey yet, but they’ve got one in Allen, Texas. They’ll be having Scott Kurtz out on Saturday at noon for a signing to help with the grand opening.

You’re in NJ? Where in NJ? Which newspaper(s) do you read? I’m in Bound Brook (Somerset county), read the Star Ledger, and am amused that when Rich Stevens took Diesel Sweeties out of syndication, he was replaced by a word puzzle instead of another comic strip.

Colleen –
The word you are looking for is …. “M_____n” (edited by Gary for privacy)

Gotcha – thanks. See you at Herman’s Facebook page….

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