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So Many Things To Catch Up On

Let’s just dive in:

  • Outsiders as comics creators themed show going up at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in October; apparently, “webcomics creator” makes you an outsider, and by my count there are two dozen or so creators to be found in the show catalog whose work was created primarily for online consumption. Links to source material (for material that’s freely accessible) would have been nice, but you can’t have everything. Thanks to show contributor/new nexus of all webcomics realities Shaenon Garrity for the link.
  • In other news, DIY magazine show creator Oliver Brackenbury did his most recent show on webcomics in general, and has a nice conversation with former nexus of all webcomics realities Ryan North.
  • Jessi Bavolack wrote in response to our discussion of Otakon to point out that there was a Challenge associated with Webcomics in the year of the common reckoning 2008. As in the past, the goal was to promote Otakon via your webcomic, and all entrants may be seen at the link; in a stunning coincidence, one of the co-winners was created by Jessi Bavolack. The odds of such a random happening are so astronomical as to foster a belief in a Divine Creator, upend everything we know, and demand that we start society over again from this point in time. Thus, this is now declared Year One of the New Times. Get on the bandwagon before our first religious war.
  • Speaking of Girl Wonder, there’s a relatively new comic over thereabouts that looks interesting. In a nutshell: Jane Austen writes Die Hard (Ha! take that and stick it in your counterprogramming!). Edit to actually link the damn thing, honestly I don’t know where my head was yesterday: link Now if somebody at Girl Wonder could confirm that Karen Ellis is still alive and well, it would be a weight off my mind.
  • Speaking of new comics, there’s an exercise in telling a locked-room (or perhaps a very small universe) story called Blank It; it’s pretty odd so far, with two nameless guys trapped in an infinite, empty space, but since one of the two creators is veteran creator Lemuel Pew (remember when he was still named after a food product like a million years ago?) edit to undrop sentence: it’s worth checking out.
  • Finally, this has been linked a mess o’ places (but I first noticed over at ¡Journalista!: Colleen Doran on how to get health insurance if you’re a self-employed artist. Read that one twice.


New Times, eh? Does that make me the Gatekeeper or the Key Master?

In all seriousness, all of the entries were great, and Matt and I were definitely thrilled to be a part of it. Thanks for linking to it!

Also, I’m getting a “server not found” error on Colleen’s article. Am I the only one?

Ooh, also, our entry can be found here:

Augh. You’re killing me with your dropped sentance, I can’t tell if I’m about to get roasted or what…

Hey, it’s good to be back in the game. Hope you enjoy the show.

Please continue to kill Lemmo with your dropped sentence.

Gary fixed it, now I look like an ass. There’s never a right way!

Man, I’ve been wondering about Karen Ellis myself. I leave relatively near Bristol, and idly think about tracking her down.

I *live* relatively near, of course. Sheesh.

Can you give a link to _Jane Austen’s Die Hard_? Can’t find it over there…

Hi. I’m one of the curators of the Out of Sequence show. There will be a website for the show with a full links page up in early October. In the meantime, there is an incomplete collection of links on our (the curators) home page at:

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Hooray for Planet Karen! The URL is

I hope there are new strips soon.

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