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Goddammit, Will Somebody In This Medium Please Realize This Guy Is An Asset?

A generalized commercial industry (like comics) that is a) facing inherent, structural challenges that b) cause it to look extinction in the face and c) can’t manage to get its collective head out of its ass long enough to keep a talented, capable, professional like Rick Marshall d) working on its (still comics, stay with me) own behalf bloody well deserves its long slide into irrelevance. Go look at the stellar writing in his clip file, especially the webcomicker interviews that put our own efforts here at Fleen to shame.

While it’s a comfort that ComicMix doesn’t seem to have a Let’s actively screw our people attitude that some of Marshall’s former employers seemd to evince, I’m sure that’s not helping Rick much in the rent and groceries category. Mark my words: one day, Rick Marshall is gonna run this town, and I for one welcome our new overlord.

Many thanks for the kind words, man. Things have actually started to look a little better in the last 48 hours, thanks in no small part to the outpouring of support from friends, professional peers and contacts in the industry. I’ll post something over on a few more things settle into place.

[…] Fleen: Enjoy Our Semi-Abusive Opinion Mongering » Goddammit, Will Somebody In This Medium Plea… – Once again, Gary Tyrrell says possibly the kindest things anyone's ever said about me in the professional scene. My favorite part? "Mark my words: one day, Rick Marshall is gonna run this town, and I for one welcome our new overlord." The thing is, I'm partial to the Groucho Marx mindset on this one: I don't think I'd want to be a resident of any town that would have me as a leader. But I appreciate the sentiment. […]

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