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And They Turned Off The WiFi Because They Want Us At The Keynote

Sitting on a signal from two hotels over, so this is gonna be fast.

  • Strip within a strip alert: Over at Ugly Hill, semi-frustrated artist Peter’s webcomic “SasqWatch 2813” (about chupacabras and sasquatches in a post-apocalyptic world) is running. This comic-within-a-comic model spawned an actual webcomic once, when MegaGAMERZ sprung fully-formed from the pages of Goats like unto Athena from the forehead of Zeus. Squid Bats ahoy!
  • Emergency McCloud sighting: you’ve already missed yesterday’s talk at The Learning Annex, but you can catch the talk & signing at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble, and tomorrow’s talk at the Brooklyn Central Library. Both events are at 7pm.
  • Launching today: F Chords by webcomickin’ machine Kris Straub (seriously, if James Brown weren’t dead, he’d be seriously challenged by Straub for Hardest Working Man Alive). Anyway, because Straub is a class operation, there’s already a small archive built up to the story of session musicians doing commercial jingles. I can think of no situation that affords more opportunities to mine humor from existential despair.
  • Finally, mark your calendars for the latest Dave Kellett book launch party: you can get sketches, free booze, and bask in the glow of superhappyfuntime on Sunday at 7pm in Beverly Hills. Enjoy a book totally about the most malfunction-prone dog in America. If anybody wants to split gas with me, we can go see if Dave brings his own little weirdo to the event.

Judging from the last couple of posts, I guess I have to submit a picture of me holding something to get some media attention, eh? ;)

Zebra Girl also has a substrip that is ostensively drawn and written by one of the characters from the main strip:

Main strip:

“Sandra’s Journal” (substrip):

That would be ‘ostensibly’, not ‘ostensively’, of course. Arrgh.

Yeah, Steve… preferably, you should be holding a check for fifty bucks, payable to Gary. ;)

Brad …

Gary works for much cheaper than that. He does all this Fleen stuff for an occasional beer.

So, reall, Steve just needs a photo of him holding a beer that has a small label that says “To: Gary” on it.

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