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So Here’s The Deal

I’m in a city I don’t really like (Las Vagrus, Nevadruh), sleeping like crap, presenting at a conference that takes up a lot of my time (almost all), with wireless thoughtfully provided by the hotel/conference center at the low, low price of 500 American Dollars. This is gonna be quick, and if something’s going on in webcomicry that I don’t mention, it’s ’cause I didn’t see it. Now let’s all just lay our heads down and be quiet and before you know it we’ll be back to normal.

From McKenzee in the comments last Friday:

Perhaps you missed Miss Otter’s announcement that I will be gracing A Girl & her Fed with a guest story featuring full color art be ME and B&W art from Otter, Digger, The Dada Detective, and Feral Chicken (Joe Komenda), my NCWCCC compatriots. Drunken Greco-Australian creation myth goodness!

Leaving aside the fact that “Miss Otter” makes her sound like Philippe‘s mom, I had actually been planning to run that announcement today, because who doesn’t love Greco-Strine creation myths? Also, I understand that wombats generally think poorly of the their co-marsupialists the koalas, so that’s got the potential for fun (and violence … yay, violence).

In other news Girl Wonder is looking for contributors on an ongoing basis:, as part of its mission to support and encourage women in the comics industry, permanently opens submissions to webcomic artists.

We’re looking for webcomics created by women or teams that include women, and we offer space, tech and publicity support, and a sub-forum devoted to your work on our thriving forums.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the genre, setting or sexual content of your work — we’ve hosted/are hosting Regency-style spy romance, slice-of-life autobiography, Wild West adventures and
fairy-tale fantasy wordless comics. Your comic can be an on-going tale, or a complete story, and work previously published in other venues (in part or in whole) is welcome, providing you possess the rights to re-distribute it.

Your work need not explicitly promote feminist ideology. However, we envisage that it won’t be explicitly anti-feminist or otherwise contrary to’s aims.

If this sounds like something you (or your team) might be interested in, please email Karen Healey, who keeps a mail account with the free service provided by Google.

Okay, so everybody who’s not Dave Sim, get to work and send in your proposals.

Have you given any consideration to linking to the dozen or so other webcomic blogs?

A bunch have been trading links, and others plan to. Some wonder where you stand since you are one of the few who don’t seem to link to any.

You probably know all the candidates:

Blog of Last Resort – specializes in how-to
Comic Fencing – Each week four reviewers review one webcomic
Comixtalk – magazine-style, multiple writers
Damn Good Comics – reviews and commentary
Digital Strips – groups written, new, reviews and commentary
Fleen – news, developments and gossip, mostly focused on the well-known titles
Floating Lightbulb – Updates 7 days; news, commentary, reviews, interviews, how-to. My blog.
MPD57 (special focus on Zuda) – new but promising
Tangents – infrequent but long pieces analyzing and reviewing
Webcomic Asylum – reviews, interviews and commentary
Webcomic Finds – reviews (recently resumed publishing on an occasional basis)
Webcomics Overlook – energetic reviews and commentary
WebSnark – infrequent; reviews and commentary, some news

Thank you for your time.


[…] Speaking of Girl Wonder, there’s a relatively new comic over thereabouts that looks interesting. In a nutshell: Jane Austen writes Die Hard (Ha! take that and stick it in your counterprogramming!). Now if somebody at Girl Wonder could confirm that Karen Ellis is still alive and well, it would be a weight off my mind. […]

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