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Connecticut: Enjoy Our Thick, Creamy Shakes

Once, sitting around with various Dumbrellites, I revealed that my dream was for them to be so successful that some day, they could obtain an island booth in San Diego, roll out Astro-Turf®, erect a white picket fence around the perimeter, and spend five days in rocking chairs yelling You kids stay the hell off my lawn.

Starting today, a small part of that dream is coming true. Yeppers, it’s Connecticon kickin’ off today, with more webcomickers than you can shake a stick at, including Jeff Rowland and Aaron Diaz lounging on lawn furniture at the Topatoco booth. Coming less than a week after San Diego isn’t the best timing for a con, but they sure do like webcomics (even if they did leave Brooke Spangler off their list).

For future reference, I would also accept webcomickers lounging around a car on blocks. That would be awesome.

It’s Guest Strip Season:

  • Paul Taylor’s running this year’s Waspi Square Guest Week a mite early, taking some well-deserved family time the week of 11 August. Not to worry, he’s got plenty of talent lined up to keep you amused.
  • Similarly, the end-of-story Dr McGuestravaganza kicks off today at Dr McNinja.
  • And over at The Guest Strip Project, it’s the August Donateathon — 31 days, 31 guest strips. Who says there’s no holidays in August?

Fast stuff to fill out the week:

Finally, I was gonna write about how Ted Rall has gone all cranky-pants again about this newfangled In-tar-net thingy, but I decided not to. I’ve become convinced that he’s purposefully stirring up controversy to drive traffic to his (oh, irony!) website. Cynical of me, no? So no more Rall until he does more than repeat the same let’s-turn-back-time arguments he’s been making about “online” and “free” since forever.

Oy! And there I gave Rall linkage… I feel so played..

If you’re interested in the Buzzcomix beta send me an email at xerexes AT gmail DOT com.

Perhaps you missed Miss Otter’s announcement that I will be gracing A Girl & her Fed with a guest story featuring full color art be ME and B&W art from Otter, Digger (Ursula Vernon), The Dada Detective (Stephanie Freese), and Feral Chicken (Joe Komenda), my NCWCCC compatriots.

Drunken Greco-Australian creation myth goodness! Runs Monday through Thursday next week. Too many links to type, Google is your friend.

[…] McKenzee in the comments last Friday: Perhaps you missed Miss Otter’s announcement that I will be gracing A Girl & her Fed with a […]

Hooray for Connecticon! It was a great time, and all us webcomickers did have a hoot. Did you know we all hang out at the bar after hours, telling stories and generally being uproarious? It’s a great time.

And Hartford has one of the greatest microbrew bars I’ve ever come across (City Steam)! I’d go back to ConnectiCon just to hit that place up again (not to mention it was the best darn con I’ve ever gotten a table at).

[…] On the one hand, he does solid, provacative, cartoon-based reportage from places most people would never think of going. On the other hand, he often seems to be provacative purely for the sake of being provacative, making illogical, self-contradictory agruments in online fora. On the other other hand, in person he’s thoughtful, engaging, funny, and interesting. At the same time seeking to support the cartooning talents of the future as trying to roll the industry back to the past, espousing positions both populist and elitist, seemingly more interested in the argument than the solution, my solution for a good long while now has largely been to ignore him. […]

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