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Being An Oral History Of The Zombie War Comic-Con

In our hands, by various nefarious means, is this insider’s view of life on the convention floor. Fleen hopes that future historians find it useful.

I no longer remember when certain events happened. Here’s what I do know:

  • Business seemed slightly down for a great many booths on Saturday, as compared to the previous two days. Weird, right? Saturday being a slow day? Theory split evenly between two schools of thought:
    1. It’s the panels! Saturday was the day of all the big-ass crazy panels that people needed to camp out for in order to have a ghost of a specter of a chance of getting in line for waiting to attend, which meant a great many people were absent from the floor who would otherwise be there. Proponents of this theory included but were probably not limited to:

      Chris Hastings
      David Malki !
      David Willis
      Mike Fehlaur

    2. SDCC sold out of everything, including four-day passes. Which meant that a whole ton of people bought four-days just to be able to get in the show. It’s possible that they were already around on Thursday and Friday just because they COULD be, and accounted for a bump in Thurs/Fri numbers. Proponents of this theory included but were probably not limited to:

      Phillip Karlsson
      Scott Kurtz
      Robert Khoo
      Jeph Jacques
      Chris Hastings (he voiced both as equally likely theories, unprompted)

  • The Late Night people did some taping on the con floor with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and Scott Kurtz got a visit. I think this happened Friday.
  • On … Saturday? … the Studio Foglio people bought everybody lunch. Literally everybody, or at least as close to “everybody” as they could get: they got a big honking pile of trays of different Subway sandwiches and took them around to the webcomics booths, which was awfully dingdang nice of them. I’m not sure how long they lasted, though; Dumbrella was among their first stops, and I was distracted by business.
  • In general there seemed to be just a damn, DAMN lot of webcomics people around this year who weren’t last year, like R.K. Milholland and Randall Munroe. At least, I don’t remember them being around last year. Shit, even Nicholas Gurewitch was there, and that dude’s not even doing a webcomic! I didn’t even know some of them were there until Saturday night, the night of Cmdr Riker/Capt Sisko Cabaret Power Hour.
  • What we need in order to top this year will be for the following people to attend SDCC 09, assuming they can find space¹:

    Ryan North
    Rene Engström
    Kate Beaton

    At this point our battlestation will be fully operational.

This is all I can usefully recall; if it turns out to be woefully inadequate, this is because I am a woefully inadequate man. I hope it is of some small service to you. Here’s to making it next year!

The account was signed =j=. Fleen thanks this anonymous witness to the carnage, and wants “j” to know that whatever fate may have befallen him or her, posterity will remember the sacrifice of all who braved maelstrom.

In other news, unstoppable reportage machine Rick Marshall has a series of photo collections up at ComicMix, along with his full writeup, and the latest webcomicker interview, with the aforementioned Toronto Man-Mountain. Enjoy!

¹ The account contained the following footnote:

This was the first year I’ve seen where people (including myself and the friends I stayed with) were renting condos near the con for a week instead of getting hotel rooms, because there were absolutely no fucking hotel rooms anywhere. Speaking for myself, this was a solution my pals and I had to arrive at after a lot of head-scratching. I was wondering whether we might end up:

  • Hijacking a houseboat and anchoring it somewhere behind the convention center similar to CBR’s yacht, or perhaps ginning up a pirate fleet of rowboats with tents
  • Founding a makeshift hobo tent city in the park on Island and 1st out of XXXXL Spider-Man t-shirts, burning lesser comics for warmth, brawling like savages and devouring the weak in a display of primal nerdery

But who knew: condos. I guess that’s the answer?

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