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Hopefully, This Will Be The Last Day I Have To Regret Not Being In San Diego

But check this out — Comic-Con 2009 will be 22 (preview night) to 26 July, which gives you just under a year to put together those Hipster Batman costumes. Hop to it, people! In the meantime, enjoy the con report and photos from Wes Molebash’s all-new You’ll Have That site.

One thing starts, another stops: webcomic graphic novel La Muse wrapped up yesterday, even as Ces Marciuliano revived Medium Large. One of you, find me a link to where Marciuliano drew the “Many Expressions of Sally Forth”.

Finally, we hope to run our mini-interview with Kansas state legislature candidate Sean Tevis soon; in the meantime, refresh yourself on his exploits in today’s Wall Street Journal (and thanks to Brett Porter for the link).

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