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So There, Robspierre

This week I’m taking my lead from an old friend who pointed me at Kate Beaton’s website, thinking, correctly, that I’d get a kick out of it. He was right, of course; her “Another Dang Garfield Cartoon” had me in hysterics for a good five minutes. Plus her history comics are outrageously funny, be they about Napoleon getting two-times by Josephine and seeking solace in the cookie jar or July 4th’s primer on How to Be An American (well, it starts with getting on a horse…). She’s got this quirky style with her panel composition, her lettering feels very organic, and there’s this wry mix of irreverence (especially with the History Projects–go read ’em, right now) and insight.

Her site’s got a few different sections, all worth browsing. The Maritimes has this huge range of different art (weird, lovely, and…just really weird in this oddly captivating way; some of it reminds me very much of Natalie Dee’s work). I particularly enjoyed Conversations With A Younger Self (pretty much is what it says), and the People and Places section is just kinda charming. There’s a funny About section (always a plus in my book), and though it’s not always totally work safe (there’s some cussin’) it’s always worth your time.

If you like the “Conversations with a Younger Self” section, you might also enjoy this thread in Kate Beaton’s LiveJournal.

Are there still people out there who don’t know about Kate Beaton’s comics? Crazy. The world is crazy.

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