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Important Webcomics Event Notice

From Ursula Vernon:

Okay, gang, the art reception will NOT be Monday the 4th after all — apparently there was a miscommunication between when the show opens, and when the reception actually is. Free cheese day will be Friday, August 22nd, from 6-8.

This is a lot later in the month than I was expecting, but apparently the city has the show first, and then the reception, which is sort of backwards from what I’m used to, but they’re buying the cheese so I can’t complain.

Anyway! Friday the 22nd! 6-8! Clear your schedule then, not the 4th!

Thanks for the info, Ursula. Apart from that, there’s absolutely nothing happening in webcomics today. The quiet — it’s eerie.

One other story: DJ Coffman’s got hold of the new Wowio contract and is taking a cold look at it.

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