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SDCC Looms

Here’s a game you can play at San Diego Comic Con: count the Dr Horrible/Captain Hammer/Penny cosplayers. There’s been a run on the “Hammer’s hammer” shirts which are presently sold out. How many you wanna bet end up on guys with chemical-safety gauntlets and cargo pants?

  • On a related note, Harper Collins is running a sweepstakes to give away an “Official Comic Geek Survival Kit“, which would turn out to be useful at SDCC, but unfortunately the deadline to enter is actually 15 August. Oh, well — if you win, you’ll get your prize about the time you’ve recovered from the excesses of the week.
  • Still basically on the topic of Comic-Con, this is a popular time for announcements, and we’ve got a doozy for you: Steve Troop has returned to comickin’, this time in print and with all-new content:

    Troop had intended to return to webcomics earlier this year with an entirely different comic strip about a kid who believes his father is a super hero–simply because his father keeps telling him that he is one. That project was scrapped, however, when Troop’s sketchbooks filled up with drawings of the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and other creatures, in lieu of a father masquerading as a caped vigilante.

    The death of zoologist Steve Irwin in 2006 contributed to the change. Irwin died after a stingray attack in 2006, leaving his daughter Bindi to take over his hosting responsibilities.

    “I wondered what would have happened if Steve Irwin had been a cryptozoologist instead of a zoologist,” explains Troop. “Maybe Bindi would have hosted a show about hunting monsters instead of animals.”

    Thus, CryptoZooey, Troop’s new all-ages comic book. I’ve read some preview material that reminded me of, variously, Leave It To Chance, Amelia Rules!, and Susie Derkins all rolled together. In other words, pretty damn awesome. Head to for more info and purchasing opportunities.

  • Finally, in completely unrelated — or possibly totally related, we’re not sure — news: mezzacotta. Known information at this time: the launch date (a little after 0930 3 October 2008 GMT), the pronounciation (mεtsə′kɒtə), the asking price (€1 million prior to launch, €5 million afterwards) and that at least one of the (evil?) geniuses behind it appears to be David Morgan-Mar. Oh, and defines “cotta” as “a kind of coarse woolen blanket”, and “mezzo” as “half or moderate” (but “mezza” has no definition, so make of it what you will).

Mezza Cotta = “Half Baked”

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