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Quick now:

  • I normally don’t talk about new strips ’til there’s a couple dozen strips in the hopper, but there are exceptions. I recently got a sneak peek at a work that’s achingly well done and should be read by everybody who loves good things. Starting Monday, please enjoy the Victorian/spiritualist adventures of Miss Ellie Connelly, by Indigo Kelleigh of Circle Weave and other works.
  • Hey, want to do some guest art that’s seen by all and sundry? Comixtalk is looking for a cover artist for August. The theme is “how to”, and you can toss your replies to the X-Man, via xerexes over at gmail, which I believe is dot-com.
  • And finally, I figure I ought to toss some love to both Joss Whedon’s Dr Horrible (go watch it, it’s terrific) and The Onion‘s AV Club, because their commenters have thrown some love our way. Achewood, Dinosaur Comics, Wonderella, and Wigu, enjoy your name-checks as “things to do on the internet when you’re sore from all the porn”.

I am kind of hesitant to look forward to the comic you suggested because right there on the blog’s front page it says he expects to miss updates… Isn’t that a poor business model to go in expecting to mess up?

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