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Cool Stuff For A Wednesday

About now, a one Mister Steven “Cloudie” Cloud is winging his way to England, there to begin the Drive of Death. If you want to follow the minute-by-minute progress of his heedless dash into disaster (at least as long as the technology exists along the way), Twitter is your friend. I’m not a prayin’ man, but if I were I’d be askin’ for Cloud and his comrades to arrive mostly safe and mostly well in Ulan Bator in about three weeks time. Don’t want it to be boring, then there’s no good stories come out of it.

So you got your Corn Chex, your Rice Chex, and your Retro Chex with video commentary (see what I did there — that’s comedy, son). We’ve seen wrapped-up webcomics rerunning with creator’s notes before, but Kris Straub is taking the “DVD Extras” model to its logical extreme. Scientists estimate that by the end of the re-run, the total time of after commentary will equal nearly 4 months of continuous viewing.

The record for most awkward-pause panels in one comic strip has been reclaimed by Achewood (previous record holder, xkcd). We at Fleen congratulate Roast Beef and Miss Lady on their wedding.

Did I mention that I picked up the Fart Party book at my friendly local comic shop last week? Because I totally did, and since it seems I did so on the same day that creator Julia Wertz got de-jobbed, I’m sure those extra couple bucks helped. If you haven’t ordered it, you totally should, even though according to the intro and foreword, it appears that under the wrong circumstances Ms Wertz would have you eat a bag of wet dicks and she would personally shit in your cereal. My only question is, do they have to be wet?

And finally, winners announced in Wondermark‘s once-every-five years creativity contest. The winners are no Witchblade-themed opera, but heck — what is?

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