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Either Early Or Late, Depending

Or, how did I miss the fact that Christopher Baldwin was doing a diary comic?! I know, I know; I fail, because Gary even wrote about it a few weeks back. (Can I blame the 4th of July for that one? On the upside, now we can say that most if not all of the current Fleen bloggers have appeared in Baldwin’s work…?) Anyway, big, big demerit for me for missing this, ’cause Baldwin’s work–as you probably all know–is extraordinary. I love it like I love High Maintenance Machine; maybe more so because, y’know, the dude made it to derby.

Let me back up, since this story sort of starts at the end, weirdly, and kind of loops back forward. I have had moments in the past where I’ve met someone with some degree of name recognition, and I usually figure out who that person is…eventually. It once took me the better part of a year to figure out I’d printed holiday cards for a very cool local attorney and musician (…and, later, it got me excused from jury duty).

I was a little speedier on the draw–ha ha–this past weekend at the roller derby double header, where I actually got to meet Mr. Baldwin himself. Cool. Very cool. I was not articulate, but I was on skates and did not fall over. But I didn’t realize until a few days later until friends started emailing me that I’d made an appearance in his diary comic.

Diary comic? He does a diary comic?! Come on, you know me and my autobio soft touch. I should have been reading Gary’s posts more carefully. I apologize–next time, smack me or something when work this good comes along. Anyway, I love it. I’ve been sucked in, particularly to the diary work (though I have to confess there’s a little lure there in that I know the geography he’s writing about; it’s not just some abstract Massachusetts place). Overall, I’m kind of overwhelmed by everything that’s there, from the travel stuff, including the 1999 cross-country expedition (sort of a move, sort of a meander…) and the fiery Canadian Rockies–note the smoke– to some “bio portraits” and another move, and Greenfield, and oh, it’s just real good. Go read it already.

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