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Man I Feel Old Today

Family party yesterday to celebrate the latest high school graduatin’ niece; the weird part is that her sister was talking about her upcoming tour of grad schools. How’s about a bit of juvenalia to make us all feel younger?

  • Bill Amend always has been one of the nerdier guys on the newspaper page; yesterday’s Fox Trot just proves that he gets webcomics, in all its … varied? … glory. Click on the pic up top for a larger version, since it’ll be gone from the gocomics site in a few weeks.
  • Seems like this time last year, we at Fleen were running the third or fourth iteration of the Webcomics Floor map for SDCC; maybe not attending this year has dulled my sense of urgency, because we haven’t had one and it’s T-10 days and counting. Fortunately, Alice Bentley has justified my innate laziness and compiled a fairly comprehensive list o’ webcomickers/booths in her LiveJournal. To it, add the Dumbrellites (R Stevens, Jon Rosenberg, Andy Bell, Sam Brown), with special guests Chris Yates, Scott McCloud, Wil Wheaton, MC Frontalot, and Meredith Gran: booth 1335. A quick glance over the exhibitors list didn’t reveal any other names, but please let me know if we’ve omitted anybody. Pick me up one of everything, and ask Wil what Kiki Stockhammer is really like.
  • Speaking of Wil Wheaton, part one of a three-part interview with him went up a little bit ago at ComicMix. Short version: Wil digs webcomics.
  • Finally, for the SF Zine Festival this week, Shi Long Pang creator Ben Costa shows us how Juno should have gone. Ladles and Jenglemints: Cloaca Maxima.

That last link is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen today. Thank you?

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