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Please Stand By

We at Fleen are working on a fairly major story-thing at the moment, and waiting with bated breath for confirmations. If our sources are correct this is a pretty big deal, so bear with us in the meantime.

It’s true. I’m the next pope.

The latest line:

4 to 1: Platinum to hire ex-TokyoPop PR.
12 to 1: Marvel and DC to merge into one candy-colored super-entity.
25 to 1: Zuda goes all yaoi all the time.
50 to 1: Vertigo to only offer pamphlets online; switch to graphic novel only printing.
100 to 1: Pow! Bam! Comics are only for kids again!
Even: Chumbawamba gets knocked down; gets up.

I hope it’s a pony. I love ponies.


Platinum Studios buys the domain

No, no, no…

Clearly is buying Platinum.

It’s not ponies.

…it’s clearly cheese. Really GOOD cheese.

…or maybe I’m just hungry.

PAX buys E3?

Cartoon Commune buys Platinum.

Bearing with you. Does the story involve lemurs in any way?

Platinum Studios is buying ComicGenesis?


Is it bigger than a breadbox?

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