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For Sale: One Medium, new tires, clean upholstery, 2 owners, minor dings, serious offers only.

In other news:

  • Darren J. Gendron writes to tell us that Dernwerks comics has posted its report of Anime Expo ’08.
  • Ben Paddon would like you to know that Jump Leads has just past the crucial one-year mark and will soon be putting out its first proper book. It’s all very exciting!
  • I really picked the wrong year to skip San Diego: the Dumbrella booth will be featuring special guests Meredith Gran (who hopes to have Octopus Pie2: The Octopussening available, God and printers willing), Scott McCloud, MC Frontalot and Wil “Zombie Pimp” Wheaton. Keep an eye here for location, schedules, signings, etc. Somebody take pictures for me, and let me know how magical it all was, dammit.

    Edit to add: Chris Yates will also be at the booth! My missed opportunity is now 14% more magical.

The problem…

I think Mr Campbell had a really fair stab at making something of it. It was pretty much what you would want from a community hub… the problem was that it just wasn’t as popular or sucessful as you’d think.

And that’s the problem – if T. Campbell couldn’t get it to work, I would be suprised if anyone else can…

This makes you think… are webcomic creators and fans far more de-centralised than we give them credit for, is the sense of community a fluid and transient process rather than a static one based around sites.

I’m unfortunately unwilling (and unable) to spend $2000 to find out.

[…] T announced that was for sale. For some time now, WHOIS information publicly available has listed one Robert Khoo as registrant […]

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