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You may recall that two of the best friends that captial-w Webcomics ever picked up are Brian Warmoth (please, somebody draw me a picture of a moth geared out for WAR) and Rick Marshall “Will and Holly” — a year ago, they were well into their mission to de-suckify the Wizard website, in part with a series of terrific interviews with various webcomickers known as Cursory Conversations.

You may note that there is no link attached to “Cursory Conversations”; this is because the entire archive mysteriously disappeared from Wizard‘s website not long after Wizard decided Warmoth and Marshall did their jobs really well and therefore their services were no longer required.

So imagine my amusement when I was informed that Wizard has a) discovered webcomics; b) yesterday inaugurated a new series of micro-interviews with creators; and c) decided to start with the same creators that Warmoth started with a year ago.

No link, just enjoy the unintentional hilarity of Maxim-lite reinventing a wheel it already created. Meanwhile, be aware that Marshall not only interviews webcomickers at ComicMix, he also does a weekly webcomics news roundup. Now if there could be direct links to those two categories, I’d be really happy; I might even cut back on the Sleestak gags (do yourself a favor and don’t follow the Urban Dictionary link).

If we did that, you’d stop… but what if we don’t want you to stop picking on Rick?

Good call on the single link to those interviews, Gary. Here you go:

Rick Marshall’s Webcomic Interviews

So I guess that means HALF as many Sleestak gags now?

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