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Yeah, Looks Like Rain

But still — holiday. Some small items for you.

Minus came to an end yesterday, but Ryan Armand would like it if you continued to drop by the site for the next few weeks; there will alternate strips, some that were set aside and never run, etc. Also, if you wanted to get a print of a particular strip, now’s the time to jump in and order, since Armand’s only taking orders until the end of the month.

Via David Malki !, audio of the Webcomics panel at Heroes Con ’08, with Mr Exclamation, Nick Gurewitch, Chris Harding, Danielle Corsetto, and Julia Wertz, as moderated by The Spurge.

Spoiler alert: As early as next week, announcements will be made that change our understanding of webcomics and irretrievably alter their future course; in other words, just another run-up to the Nerd Prom. Also round about next week, the most unintentionally hilarious webcomics-related thing ever is going to drop onto the web, and I’ma make fun of it. You have been warned.

Finally, I want to toss some major props to Jeremy C, a Senior Marketing Associate at Harper Collins. He emailed me Tuesday afternoon to ask if I’d like a complimentary copy of Scott McCloud‘s magnum opus reprinting of Zot!, which I have been jonesin’ for ever since the old Kitchen Sink Press reprint series died around 1998 (for the record, I would also like a pony, a working time machine, and to decide who lives and who dies). Less than 40 hours later, that sucker was waiting on my front porch, well in advance of today’s suspension of mail service. Look for a review soon, and everybody going to San Diego, this is number one on your to-buy list.

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