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Okay, You’ve Probably Seen This By Now

But I’d still like to welcome Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw as he steps up from a one-off print-review of webcomics to his more usual video-review style. Usually, it’s videogames that bestir his wrath at Zero Punctuation, but this time it’s videogame-themed webcomics.

As fun as it was reading his earlier dissection, this is better because you can hear the contempt in his voice. Sadly, Croshaw has pretty much said everything that needs to be said about videogaming webcomics, so we probably won’t see any more of these directed towards our community’s … lesser efforts. Nevertheless, plenty to keep us busy, as we try to puzzle out what this “Bontrol-Bolt-Belete” of which he speaks is.

In other webcomicky news, check out Rick Marshall’s totally awesome interview with (the usually reliably-cranky) Warren Ellis on Freak Angels and more.

That’s it for today — tomorrow’s meat and beer won’t grill and drink (repsectively) themselves, you know … so much to prep. Haven’t decided if I’m actually going to take tomorrow’s holiday (for those of you in ‘Merica), but check back anyway … it may rain.

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