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Blast, Past

Got an email the other day asking if we at Fleen had a Twitter feed; sadly, the answer is ‘no’, because as a guy with a day job and a pretty high distractability rating, it would be enormously dangerous for me to follow … tweets. Still, nice to be asked.

Then I noticed the sender’s name and URL: Barry T. Smith and Inktank, respectively, and that sent me back. Way, way, waaaaay long ago (about 2000 – 2005), kiddies, he did a strip called Angst Technology (archives here), which was one of the earlier workplace comedy type webcomics. If my memory serves me, AT sort of faded out around the time that Smith left a coding job to attend animation school.

And it appears that since April Fool’s Day, Smith’s been back at the drawing board, doing a life-with-family-inspired comic called (naturally enough) InkTank. In case you were wondering what a webcomicker does after walking away from webcomics for a couple of years, the answer is apparently get sucked right back in. Welcome back to the game, Barry.

In other news, as we careen towards the Wedding of the Century, there’s a chance that you could get in on the action. If you have an original recipe that’s inspired by/related to Achewood, it could be included in the forthcoming second Achewood Cookbook. Details on the contest page; please note that the prize for winning essentially amounts to bragging rights:

By submitting, you grant Achewood the perpetual right to publish your material either in its original unedited form or in an edited form, either in print or online or in any transmission medium yet to be invented (including but not limited to Popgas Induction 3-tricretalin). Achewood does not pay you for this work, as it is understood that it is gratification enough simply to be included in such hallowed pages. In fact, merely by submitting their recipe via e-mail, the sender agrees to experience a sensation resembling extreme gratification.

Finally, new storyline started this week over at Ataraxia Theatre; by itself, an ordinary event, but what if I told you that creator Jospeh Hewitt had abandoned his full-page style in favor of a ligne claire style characteristic of Tintin? Intriguing.

So in a fight, which wedding would win: Brent and Jade or Roast Beef and Molly?

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