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This Day Just Keeps Getting Better

Rich Stevens’ decision to end the print version of Diesel Sweeties has been the mouse that didn’t roar — very little comment other than “good luck” is to be found in the blogosphere, and unlike earlier incidences of cartoonists leaving semi-syndication, there’s been almost no followup questioning. Those that love [web]comics seem to be collectively shrugging, Huh. Guess that makes perfect sense. Still, if you have questions for Rich, send ’em in and he’ll answer them.

Look what’s coming my way; as cool as the POOP sign is, I think we all know where Mr Yates’s true genius lies. Speaking of Playground Ghostlies, David Malki ! would like you to remember that tomorrow is when Beards of our Forefathers hits your local comic shop.

Speaking of beards and other facial hair, this is the greatest headline since April 15, 1983.

For those of you distraught over Banished! being in black and white for past while, new colorist Vincent Rogers is on board and the comic is re-running the formerly B&W strips with a fresh coat of paint. You can now be officially un-distraught. Then again, Ryan Smith’s other comic, Funny Farm ends in August after nine or so years. I guess that means you can be re-distraught.

I hadn’t heard of Dribble For Kids before, but I’ve recently learned that creator Nick Nitro got robbed of his computer, which included his hi-res artwork for future print use. Thus, two items:

  1. Two words: Off. Site. Trust me on this, I’m an IT guy in the day job. If you even think about the possibility of webcomics becoming more than a casual hobby, invest in something removable and then remove it from the vicinity of your originals. Hell, opening a mess of Gmail accounts under fake names and using the almost 7GB in each one works as a quick-and-dirty solution.
  2. If the thought of off-site backups never occurred to you before today, you owe Nick like $5 for saving your ass in the event of future loss. Coincidentally, he’s got a sketch-art drive running now: $5 towards replacing the compy gets you art suitable for any application from the finest of museums to the door of the neighbor’s fridge.

Oh good, you got a piece with a nutsack! They’re lucky.

Well, why do you think there is an arrow pointing to it?

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