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In Other News

Hey, weekend! And tomorrow afternoon I get to attend a summer cocktail mixin’ class and have a kick-ass dinner with friends! Hope your day is going as well as mine. Now, the news.

  • Nothing Better is going on Summer Vacation — today sees the last page of Volume 2 posted (which means that the print version can take up residence on my shelf next to Volume 1 before too long, yay). Then it’s semester break as the strip posts guest comics every Tuesday/Friday until school’s back in on September 2nd. The fact that creator Tyler Page has a new bundle o’ fun (and biological needs) to occupy his hours is merely a bonus for him.
  • Space Pirates are all the rage: Joshua Jericho has started a second comic, BlueStar Blues, about an unlucky loser who gets forced into being a Space Pirate. I hope he gets to say “ARR” a lot. Anyway, JJ decided to release the first 12 strips on day one, so you get a good taste of the story all at once.
  • Contest! Von Allan is giving away a framed print to the lucky read of the road to god knows… for merely guessing what Marie’s middle name is.
  • And to wrap us up, Gordon McAlpin will be in perma-celebration mode as Multiplex hit strip #250 yesterday, and will be hitting 3 years on July 10. That’s … two weeks worth of excuse-to-be-drunk. Well done, Gord!
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