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Kate Beaton Has Captured Miyamoto Musashi’s Character So Well I Want To Marry Her But My Wife Doesn’t Like That Plan

One regret from my time travelling in Japan is that I didn’t get to visit Funajima, where a famous duel took place. No worries now, as Kate Beaton transports me back to a time of dudes and swords.

In news that is no less historical hysterical, POOP SIGNS! I have fond memories of Jon Rosenberg’s toddler daughter looking upon a stack of POOP signs and wondering … Should I? In any event, check out the POOP sign video and consider the fact that the weird guy with the Tintin hair is allowed to own power tools.

The only thing about Rick Marshall‘s interviews with webcomickers I don’t like is that they don’t come on the same day of the week. There were on Thursdays for a while there, but this week he released early, which means if I didn’t trawl regularly looking for this stuff, I might have missed it for a whole 24 hours! Anwyay, he’s talking with the Harvey-nominated creators of EZ Street, Mark Wheatley & Robert Tinnell.

Finally, Fleen congatulates Box Brown on Bellen! joining the lineup at Transplant Comics — those guys are growing by leaps and bounds, and Brown’s been on a tear recently (new print collection, excellent contribution to the Star Wars-themed Harvest Is When I Need You The Most anthology that was the hit of MoCCA). I’ve rarely seen a webcomic pick up so much popular momentum so quickly; right now, Bellen! is the odds-on favorite for Breakout of the Year. Thanks to Joseph Hewitt for the heads-up.

Confidential to Artistic in the Oilfields: I will pay American cash money for the original of that strip if you’re selling. Or, if you require a hard currency, I can also obtain Canadian funds.

NICE! How much does “Breakout of the Year” pay?

NICE! How much does Breakout of the Year pay?

It appears that you are on to my diabolical scheme, sir.

“.. my time traveling in Japan..”

Lucky, I want to time travel in japan.

[…] I don’t want to say that Bellen! is a philosophical comic because that phrase gets seriously overused. Mostly it’s about the two title characters, Ben and Ellen, discussing things- life, death, love, meaning, logical positivism… That does sound kind of philosophical, doesn’t it? Its creator, Brain “Box” Brown, is a living tornado of creative energy who gets all kinds of good press. […]

[…] I have dibs on one of the originals in NLAFH if Kate Beaton ever decides to sell her originals (and in the meantime, the paper stock is so heavy, it’s practically an archival print on each page — were it not sold out, I could buy another copy and carefully cut out every page, giving myself suitable-for-framing wall decor) […]

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