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Hey, Look, News!

Ah, love, or at least physical approximations thereunto. Over here, you got a 500 stripaversary from Girls With Slingshots as Hazel makes a bad decision. Strip 501 is never quite a much fun as the one before, is it? And over here, we find webcomicker love blossoming as (scroll down) Ian McConville proposes … mawwiage. We at Fleen congratulate the happy couple.

But all of that is naught — naught, I say! — compared to The Great Halfpixel Intern Fight of Aught-Eight. It started when Dave “Sheldon” Kellett got hisself an official college intern named Stephanie and encouraged her to say hi. Kris “Starslip Crisis” Straub’s better half, Erica, intern, Magnolia Porter, decided that she’s one-up on newcomer Stephanie in the dream-following department. Naturally, Scott “PvP” Kurtz also has an intern in the form of his sister-in-law, Ashely, who ain’t having any of this smiles-and-lollipops nonsense. One might have hoped for a bit of sanity from Brad “Evil, Inc.” Guigar. Nope. Although I think I need to get Brad

  1. a sign (in 16 inch letters) that says STUDMUFFIN;
  2. the number of a good divorce attorney

Hey Brad? Your wife may not read your strip, but I have it on good authority that she does read this page, so maybe you shouldn’t have sent that note about your intern’s “pouty little face” (I swear that’s a direct quote). Just sayin’.

Oh, Gary. I know you don’t shy from putting work into something worthwhile — I’ve seen your mustache.

Erica is my girlfriend, but Magnolia of the webcomic The Good Crook is my intern this summer. She will also be around in San Diego this year.

For reals.

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