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Man I Can’t Wait For This Week To Be Over

Rhymes With Witch goes multimedia. I’m still giggling.

Rich Stevens and Meredith Gran have been sighted in the vicinity of Google’s main campus. Googlians that see the pair are urged not to attempt to apprehend them, but instead to lure them with energy drinks into a conference room and attend their lecture on being awesome on the internet tomorrow. Presumably, video will be available here sometime after the event.

Thursday is the new Friday: “Rick” Marshall Willenholly turns in his latest webcomic interview, this time with Jon Rosenberg.

Word has arrived that Hyena Comics has added Calamities of Nature to its lineup. Congratulations to all involved, and thanks to the parents who worked so hard making the costumes.

Confidential to Eric and Wednesday: Congratulations on your forbidden love becoming legit. To paraphrase Zoidberg, no one could be happier unless it was also Valentine’s Day. Hooray!

And thank you kindly, sir. :)

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