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Speed Typing

Hooray, lappy problems, averaging 30 – 35 minutes between bluescreens, so this is gonna be fast.

Unshelved‘s new book, Frequently Asked Questions, arrived in the mail yesterday. Very amusing, although I can’t in good consicence give it a proper review since Gene & Bill got me to contribute some content to their reprinting of the famed Coffee Cup Lid Challenge of Aught Seven. It was a great deal of fun working with the guys, and I got to use the words “Proustian madeleine” in reference to this comic strip. Now you’ll just have to go buy the book to see what the fuss is about.

Speaking of fuss, Webcomics Iron Man Ryan Estrada made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro with a medium-high amount of it sometime last week. Altitude sickness is nothing to joke about, but I have to confess that reading Ryan’s account of barfing every 30 yards or so elicited equal amounts of sympathy and mild amusement (in a schadenfreudistic fit of God I’m glad that wasn’t me). On the other hand, isn’t Iron Man supposed to be rich? Apparently, Estrada’s bank didn’t get the memo:

Both the day before I left up Kilimanjaro, and the day I got back, I spent a whole day walking between ATMs trying to find one that worked. But each time, it would say “cannot contact your bank” or “timed out”.

Guess who just found out that every single time he tried an ATM, it withdrew a couple hundred bucks from his account, but didn’t give him cash???

Guess who just lost the last thousand bucks he had on faulty bank machines?


Faulty, or a massive conspiracy against the wide-ranging Ryan? You decide, and maybe PayPal him a few bucks?

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