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Clearing The Mailbag

We come to bury Hookie Dookie Panic and Lancaster: The Ghost Detective. After three and four years, respectively, and more than 800 comics between the two of them, the strips have come to an end. Insert something classy here about Princes and Flights of Angels.

Okay, how about various good newses?

  • Punch an’ Pie? 200 strips!
  • Red String at Dark Horse? Volume 3!
  • Wireheads? More than 2 years!
  • New collective? Dumm Comics, featuring a mess o’ TV animators! It’s a little different from other collectives, appearing to have only one site, with five strips, each updating a different day of the week.

And, in non-[web]comics news, this one’s for the ladies.

[…] an’ Pie reaches 200 strips! Congratulations Aeire and […]

What, no “Eight Years” conga-rat ululating for me?


I’ve become a fixture…

Whoops. Apparently I missed a day of Fleen. *sigh*.

You da man, Gary. I shall dance now with yesterday’s ululating conga-rat.

“Ululating conga-rat” would be an excellent name for a band.

The prospect of there never being any more Hookie Dookie Panic comics existing is making me seriously re-evaluate atheism. I’m honestly a little disappointed that that piece of shit got as far as a Fleen mention.

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