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& So Begins My MoCCA Roundup…

I also went to MoCCA this year (though not for day two and so missed the evacuation, fire trucks, and other such things), in part to table with the Trees and Hills folks and to hype our newest anthology, and in part to debut my new minicomic. (Weirdly, despite the 95+ degree heat, I also sold some monster hats.) But it’s also starting to be the only time of year when I see other comics folks; I haven’t been to SPX for quite a while and I have yet to brave anything comics-related on the West Coast. So it’s been tough for me to catch up with ongoing comics projects.

MoCCA is also usually fairly overwhelming for me; there’s a whole lot of stuff in a fairly little space, and I get distracted too easily. I also found myself this year ferrying home a small army of brightly painted wooden ghosts (okay, I work in a cubicle. These will help.), as well as some incredible mini posters by Rosemary Mosco, who’s got to be one of those folks everyone knows and loves and forgot to tell me about. (Of course, when I went to look at her site I thought, “Ah! Right! Birds for bulbs!“). Usually I end up with a fair amount of minis; this year I found that I had an awful lot of accessories.

And though I have a list of items I want to write about in coming weeks, ranging from L. Nichols’ Jumbly Junkery (in their print forms, the most recent issues of Jumbly Junkery have really extraordinary covers) to Colleen Frakes’ new Tragic Relief collection (Xeric powered!), I wanted to mention the Boston Comics Roundtable (which I know about mostly because of Matt Reidsma and Cathy Leamy, both of whom have comics available online and will be in the next issue) new anthology, Inbound. It’s this amazing-looking book, with catchy cover art and some compelling stories inside; many of the folks involved, like Dan Mazur, are webcomics artists in their own right, and it’s interesting to see them working in print. It’s a nice a little book, and a little different from what we usually see (or write about it) over here at Fleen, and I think it’s worth tracking down.

Thanks for the write-up of Inbound! That lovely cover art is by Shelli Paroline, who also had a show hit with her adorable Star Wars fanthology, “Harvest is When I Need you the Most.”

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