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Catching Up After MoCCA

Thanks to everybody that’s been sending me story tips and suchlike — still going through the backlog that developed during the MoCCA aftermath. In the meantime, please enjoy the following:

  • Ramses Luther Smuckles + KitchenAid® stand mixer = pretty much all the awesome I need in my life, really.
  • Happy Birthday! Today marks 8 years of Schlock Mercenary without filler or missed updates, produced by the so-similar-to-me-it’s eerie Howard Tayler. I forget, Howard — which one of us is the evil twin?
  • Noted at PvP this morning:

    I just got an email from my friend Shena about an interview with Garfield creator Jim Davis. She said that Jim mentioned PvP. I checked out the interview at the Universal Press website.

    Q: What’s the last time you laughed out loud over a comic strip that another cartoonist did?

    A: “It was just a few weeks ago. The strip is PVP (Player vs. Player) by Scott Kurtz. His timing is flawless. PVP isn’t in newspapers, it’s online! Some of the sharpest stuff is being done online by some very talented, young artists. They keep me looking over my shoulder.”

  • Mike Russell always points me to good stuff — today it’s new updates at Serenity Tales and a new strip called Bad Mile that looks intriguing in a distinctly non-polite fashion.
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