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MocCA Report (Without Fire)

First of all, congratulations to Tyler Page, a regular exhibitor at MoCCA, who skipped for a very good reason — his wife Cori gave birth the day before the show. We at Fleen wish the family all the best and hope to see the little one at all future MoCCAs.

From the Books Department:

  • Ryan North reports he’s working on the next Dinosaur Comics book; instead of the ‘best of’ approach he took in YWFIMOOM, this one will be the full run of strips from 2006. There will be a secret naming convention to Dinosaur Comics books from here on out, which you may try to unravel by purchasing all future volumes. Look for it to be released sometime next year.
  • Cat Garza looked very happy behind a dwindling pile of the Secrets and Lies anthology he edited. He had every right to be considering the large number of contributors and tight production schedule (he only solicited for contributions a week after last Fall’s SPX). Cat’s a sterling gentleman, and I was pleased to make his acquaintance.
  • David Malki ! saw great success from the debut of Beards of Our Forefathers, and is presently working on volume 2 of Dispatches From Wondermark Manor for release next month in San Diego. Look for Malki ! to shift his merchandise operations to Topatoco in the near term, leading to exciting stuff-bundle opportunities.
  • Also debuting at MoCCA was Chris Yates‘s Set it to Awesome, which is an astoundingly heavy book, what with the glossy full-color photos on every page. To this reporter’s eye, it outsold everything on the show floor except for POOP signs.
  • Meredith Gran sold out of pretty much everything she brought, and is preparing for San Diego by sending the second Octopus Pie book to press in the next week. After that, we at Fleen hear plans of animations from Ms Gran.
  • Also sold out: Spike went home without a single copy of Templar, AZ Book 1 left, and took plenty of pre-orders for the forthcoming Book 2. I pre-ordered mine back when there was snow on the ground — it’s got Reagan on the cover!
  • Hope Larson does the coolest book customization ever — buy a copy of her thoroughly charming Chiggers, and she’ll take off the dust cover and paint directly onto the pigment-thirsty hard cover.
  • Kean Soo‘s Jellaby sketchbook is incredibly cute, yet Soo himself is a right-hand-rule-throwin’ badass. After the Jellaby story finishes in next year’s graphic novel, look for a third volume of short stories.

Not books:

  • Andy Bell‘s latest toy, The Giver, should be on a boat from far shores about now, making availability at San Diego a possibility (I suppose it depends on if Customs wants to be cooperative or not).
  • Rosemary Mosco is thoroughly delightful, selling me her very last paleontology-themed alphabet print; we spoke widely over sophisticated adult-type beverages about things that are extinct and the people that study them.

Webcomickers seen at the show, in addition to the above, included Jon Rosenberg, Rich Stevens, Jeff Rowland, Sam Brown, Jeph Jacques, Chris Hastings, Alexander Danner, Dave Roman, Raina Telgemeier (who reports the with her last Babysitters Club book about to be released, she is looking forward to receiving hate mail from people upset about her treatment of the X-Men instead of her treatment of Kristy, Stacie, et. al.), Randall Munroe, Ryan Sias, Dirk Tiede, Shaenon Garrity, Danielle Corsetto, Bryan Lee O’Malley, and MoCCA curator-extraordinaire Jen Babcock.

Overheard in casual conversation:

Kean Soo, on Ryan North — I have dirt on the Man-Mountain.
Ryan North, in sad confirmation — I have made some bad decisions.

Photos tomorrow.

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