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Gonna Be A Hot One

The thing about the Puck Building is, the air-con is from another era. When it works, it drips water to the point that one may be forgiven for thinking that a tropical waterfall is in the area (usually, it seems, directly onto the accumulated Dumbrellites).

When it doesn’t, the lack of openable windows and odd airflow patterns lend a distinctly whiffy character to all ‘n’ sundry. New York City is projected to hit 35 Celsius (95 Farenheit, for you ‘Mericans) this weekend, leading me to regard my hack pseudo-journalist efforts at the MoCCA show as hardship time.

Look for news, photos, and interviews to be more incoherent than normal as I drag my subjects to nieghboorhood watering holes for drinks and on-the-record conviviality. If you’re coming to the fest and want to know what’s on other than “sweating”, The Comics Journal has a handy round-up here.

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