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Have you seen these? Comics stories from the China earthquake by Coco Wang; plans are to eventually have 100 or more such stories. Powerful stuff — having trained for (but thankfully never participated in) mass-casualty events, this is the sort of thing that reads like an EMT’s nightmares. Big thanks to Ananth Panagariya at Applegeeks for the link.

In lighter news, Rick Marshall Willenholly has restarted his webcomics interview series (up first: Chris Hastings)over at ComicMix; I’m reliably informed that there’s now a buffer of completed interviews, so we ought to see this as a regular feature from here on out.

New webcomicker podcast! Krishna Sadasivam got in touch with some buddies, then got in touch with a few more creators (click that last one if you haven’t already — damn good stuff), and declared their confab to be the first meetup at The Sequential Artists’ Pub. First episode at Talkshoe, next live broadcast on 13 June.

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