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Ooh, ooh, pretties!

I feel like I’m channeling Kaylee from Firefly here, but you do not know how excited I was when Mike Luce emailed in to let us folks know that he’s about four months into a gorgeous updated-twice-weekly new series called “The City Dreams of Tamino the Cat”. It’s got many of the elements I enjoyed about his earlier series Fite! (which I found only as it was coming to a close), including extraordinary color work (just check out the rich blues here and here), lovely artwork, and maybe a cameo from Fite!?

Luce describes this new work as “about 1/3 Japanese Woodblock Print design, 1/3 50s animation and 1/3 cubism” and when you look at the work you can see some of these elements influencing the design. There’s neat panel design, and I’m totally enjoying it. Unlike in Fite! the primary language here is in English, and so the experience of reading it is different, but no less powerful. I’m excited to see how the series develops, and I’d encourage you to go have a look.

Unrelated, I’m off to MoCCA this Saturday to table with the Trees & Hills folks, where we’ll have new issues and anthologies aplenty. We’re somewhere on the first floor, in the A ballroom, near a doorway…think of it like a scavenger hunt? Yeah. More on that next week.

You are beyond kind to me, Anne! Thank you so much for the nice words and review. You utterly made my day!

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